Monday, May 24, 2010

Zombiegeddon (2003)

Zombiegeddon is a 2003 cult film directed by Chris Watson. The horror/comedy, distributed by Troma Films.


The movie follows two bad cops (played by Ari Bavel and Paul Darrigo) who find themselves engaged in a battle against evil Hellspawn.


Felissa Rose - Melissa
Edwin Neal - God
Tom Savini - Jesus Christ
Joe Estevez - Brooks
Linnea Quigley - Principal Russo
Uwe Boll - himself
William Smith - Lord Zombie
Brinke Stevens - Laura Reynolds
Lloyd Kaufman - Bill (the janitor)
Robert Z'Dar - Det. Bobby Romero
Conrad Brooks - Dean Martinson
Trent Haaga - Ted Kopafeel
Jeff Burr - Phil (voice)
Joe Fleishaker - Caller #1 (voice)
Ron Jeremy - Todd (voice)
Julie Strain - Dispatcher (voice)
Fred Olen Ray - Fred (voice)


The film is significant because it is considered the first "microfilm," or digital video film shot on a budget of less than $50,000, to feature a stars of the horror film community. With a budget of only $10,000. Since the 2002 filming of Zombiegeddon, many other low-budget horror flicks have followed suit and cast large ensembles of horror icons, many of them employing the same actors. The film also featured newcomers to the indy horror scene Josh Christoffersen and Max Kreutzer as makeup artists and actors.

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