Monday, May 31, 2010

NOTD Scream Queen: Tiffany Shepis "Diana"

Tiffany Shepis (born September 11, 1979) is an American scream queen from New York City, who has been involved in film-making since the age of 12.

In 2004, she also had a memorable appearance in the independent comedy The Deviants as Marina the Nudist. Her most recent films include New Terminal Hotel, Dorm of the Dead, Bonnie and Clyde Meet Dracula, Basement Jack, Nightmare Man, and Chainsaw Cheerleaders, The Violent Kind.

When interviewed to magazines such as Femme Fatales and Sirens of Cinema about being a horror icon, she said she "loves blood and gore" in movies - but detests real life violence.

She got her start in Troma Entertainment's Tromeo and Juliet and has since acted in many other low-budget horror oriented B movies. Shepis will be seen as "Diana" in Adam Gierasch remake Night of the Demons as Diana, which is slated for a DVD Release on October 31, 2010. She stars in the Psychological thriller The Violent Kind, premiering at the Sundance Film Festival.

Shepis makes appearances in events such as New Jersey's Chiller Theatre Expo, where she makes a point to interact with her fans.

Shepis has appeared in numerous video clips of artists such as Lil' Zane, Wu-Tang Clan, The Offspring and Run-D.M.C. She also appeared in Destiny's Child's video clip of "Nasty Girl," but it was never released.

Nintendo filmed Shepis for a commercial for the game Conker's Bad Fur Day. However, her commercial was allegedly pulled for being too vulgar.

She has two chihuahuas, named Vlad the Impaler and Boris Karloff.

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