Friday, May 28, 2010

Vampitheatre (2009)

Vampitheatre (2009)


As they tour the country with their band Theatre Peace, a group of evil but musically talented vampires desperately trying to maintain their true nocturnal nature unfortunately are bound to leave behind a gruesome trail of slaughtered fans to feed their insatiable hunger for human blood. To solve these grisly and increasing murders, a female FBI agent with a chip on her shoulder doggedly trails the band, unaware of their dark secret, perhaps starting to become drawn to the group itself and compromising her resolve to close the case. A thrilling and titillating mix of music and horror, this pulse-pounding film stars Linnea Quigley, Dana Cheshire, Christopher Forbes, Dave Mercer, Joel Hodges, Janice Olive and Stephen Gilliam. -- Written by familypet at

Directed by

Christopher Forbes


Linnea Quigley ... The Queen
Dana Cheshire ... Ariahna
Joel Hodges ... Lazarus
Janice Olive ... Jezebel
Stephen Gilliam ... Robert Stevenson
Kimberly Campbell ... Brandi
Tripp Courtney ... Rafael

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