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The Prophecy II (1998)

The Prophecy II (in some European markets, God's Army II) is a motion picture produced by Walt Disney Studios's affiliate Buena Vista Home Video and released direct to video on January 20, 1998, and is the sequel to The Prophecy. The film stars Christopher Walken, Russell Wong, Jennifer Beals, Eric Roberts, Bruce Abbott, and Brittany Murphy, and was nominated for the Saturn Award.


Gabriel returns from hell to Earth to prevent the birth of a child, a nephilim, the offspring of one of his kind and one of God's "monkeys" (i.e., humans). The coming of this child, said to precede reconciliation between the warring factions in heaven, has been prophesied by a monk, Thomas Daggett — the former detective from the first film in the series. The child's conception takes place when Valerie, a nurse, is seduced by an attractive stranger (the angel Danyael) who she hit with her car. She finds a few days later that she is in advanced pregnancy.

Gabriel attempts to find the whereabouts of the child from Daggett, but kills him when he refuses to help. When Danyael kills members of Gabriel's army of angels, Gabriel instead employs the assistance of a teenage girl (Izzy) who has just committed suicide. Gabriel keeps her alive to help him in his search for Valerie (despite his powers as an angel, he is completely naive about technology, and is unable to drive a car or work a computer).

Gabriel's war against Danyael and the other angels climaxes in a battle in Eden, now an industrial wasteland. Danyael is killed, but Valerie defeats Gabriel by seizing him and jumping from a building, confident that God will protect her as He told her He would (she reveals that Gabriel is unable to hear His voice as he simply doesn't listen); she is indeed unharmed, but Gabriel is impaled on a spike. As punishment, Gabriel is turned into a human by Michael. Valerie raises the child by herself, accepting the risk that the angels may come for her. The film ends with Gabriel as a derelict; a face in the sky and ominous clouds show that the war in heaven is not over.


Christopher Walken as Gabriel
Russell Wong as Danyael
Jennifer Beals as Valerie Rosales
Brittany Murphy as Isabelle "Izzy"
Eric Roberts as Michael
Glenn Danzig as Samayel
Steve Hytner as Joseph
Bruce Abbott as Thomas Daggett
J.G. Hertzler as Father William
Michael Raimi as Danyael Jr.


The film score by David C. Williams was released on Perseverance Records September 19, 2006.

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