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Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack

Simon Mark Monjack (born 1970) is an English writer, director, and producer.[1] He is the widower of American actress Brittany Murphy.[2][3]

Early life

Monjack was born to Jewish parents in Hillingdon, Greater London.[4] His father died of a brain tumour in 1986. His mother Linda, a hypnotherapist,[5] lives in Buckinghamshire.[6]


Monjack directed, produced, and wrote the B-movie Two Days, Nine Lives in 2000.[7] He received story credit for the 2006 biopic Factory Girl about Warhol actress/model Edie Sedgwick.[1] Director George Hickenlooper contends that "Monjack had nothing to do with Factory Girl" and that "he filed a frivolous lawsuit against us [...] making bogus claims that we had stolen his script. He held us literally to hostage and we were forced to settle with him as he held our production over a barrel." Monjack, however, denies these claims.[8] In 2007, E! News reported that Monjack was slated to direct a film adaptation of D. M. Thomas's novel about Sigmund Freud, The White Hotel, with Brittany Murphy cast in a leading role.[9] The project never materialized.

Legal troubles

In 2005, warrants were issued for Monjack's arrest in Virginia on charges of credit card fraud, but the charges were later dropped.[10]

In 2006, Coutts successfully sued Monjack, who had been evicted from four homes, for $470,000.[10]

In February 2007, Monjack was arrested and spent nine days in jail, facing deportation, because his visa to the United States had expired.[10]
Personal life

Monjack once dated Alexandra Kerry.[10] He married British television personality Simone Bienne in 2001,[10] and they were divorced in 2006.[10]

In May 2007, Monjack married actress Brittany Murphy in a private Jewish ceremony.[2] The pair did not announce their engagement beforehand and rarely made public appearances together before their marriage.[9] On December 20, 2009, Murphy died of cardiac arrest after collapsing in her bathroom.[3]

In late November 2009, TMZ reported that Monjack became "incoherent" during a flight from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles. Murphy told the responding firefighters at LAX Airport that she believed he was having an asthma attack and felt that the situation was not serious; however, EMTs disagreed and rushed him to a nearby hospital.[11]


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