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Web of the Spider (1971) Klaus Kinski plays Poe

Web of the Spider (Italian: Nella stretta morsa del ragno) is the title of a 1971 Italian horror film directed by Antonio Margheriti, using the pseudonym Anthony M. Dawson. This film is also known as And Comes the Dawn... But Colored Red, Dracula im Schloß des Schreckens, Dracula in the Castle of Blood, E venne l'alba... ma tinto di rosse, Edgar Poe chez les morts vivants, Les Fantômes de Hurlevent, In the Grip of the Spider, and Le Prisonnier de l'araignée.

Klaus Kinski plays Edgar Allan Poe.

It is a remake of the 1964 film Castle of Blood, also directed by Margheriti.

Release date: August 26, 1971


It begins with Edgar Allan Poe (Klaus Kinski), gone insane, trying to confirm his story about the ghosts by checking out their tombs. However, he doesn't go too far to avoid being haunted and killed. He describes his story in horror accent, trying to make the people believe him. As of later, a journalist named Alan Foster (Anthony Franciosa), has visited Poe to drive him out of madness. But, he is forced to challenge the horror writer on the authenticity of his stories, which leads to him accepting a bet from Lord Blackwood to spend the night in a haunted castle on All Soul's Eve. At first, in very effective and horrifying nature, Foster is surprised by ghosts who appear to be half-humans at that moment. Later, they drive him insane by playing his mind like patsy, ghosts of the murdered inhabitants appear to him throughout the night, re-enacting the events that lead to their deaths. As of the ghosts he meets, there was Elisabeth Blackwood (Michèle Mercier) who falls in love with Foster, the annoying and well-being hated Julia (Karin Field), the rough and criminal tipped William Perkins (Silvano Tranquilli) and the most despicable one of all, Dr. Carmus (Peter Carsten). In near the end of the film, the ghosts reveal their true nature. They weren't actually ghosts, but they were vampires with powers of ghosts, they need Foster's blood in order to maintain their existence. Because of she loved him, Elisabeth tried to save Foster by aiding his escape. He succeeded in escaping the castle, but not the garden... It was his stupidity that killed him. But, at least he wasn't transformed to a vampire, his death was sudden, he was stabbed by the razors which existed on the main gate when he didn't focus on his movements, pushed the door hardly until it reacted and smashed him between the two gates.


Anthony Franciosa - Alan Foster
Michèle Mercier - Elisabeth Blackwood
Klaus Kinski - Edgar Allan Poe
Peter Carsten - Dr. Carmus
Silvano Tranquilli - William Perkins
Karin Field - Julia
Raf Baldassarre - Herbert
Irina Maleeva - Elsie Perkins
Enrico Osterman - Lord Thomas Blackwood
Marco Bonetti - Maurice
Vittorio Fanfoni
Carla Mancini
Paolo Gozlino

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