Friday, December 4, 2009

NEVERMORE Extended Until December 19

If you live in Los Angeles and love Poe, you must see Jeffrey Combs' authentic portrayal of both Poe the tragic genius and Poe the lost alcoholic.

From my previous post:

JEFFREY COMBS as Edgar A. Poe - Extended Through December 19, 2009

The production pleasantly astounded me. "Nevermore . . . An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe," playing at the Steve Allen Theater in East Hollywood, presents the most authentic portrayal of Poe I've ever seen. Blessed be for the re-teaming of actor Jeffrey Combs, director Stuart Gordon and writer Dennis Paoli. The team that brought us the Lovecraft and Poe movies reunites to show us Poe the intellectual, the wit, the satirist, the literateur, the magazinist, the lost son, the devoted husband, the devoted nephew, the neglected genius, and most of all, the drunkard. This is Poe as he suffered. If you want to see the true soul of Poe, go see Jeffrey Comb's portrayal of Poe. See how Poe's sensitive soul struggled to endure the tortures of living.

"Celebrate the bicentennial of Edgar Allan Poe's birth with the star of Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Enterprise. Set in 1848, Nevermore is loosely based on real events and follows Poe on a cross-country speaking tour fraught with strange occurrences that signal Poe's descent into madness."

Steve Allen Theater
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
LA, CA 90027

Steve Allen Production of NEVERMORE

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