Sunday, August 16, 2009

Model & Actress Ruth Ford 1915-2009 RIP

Model & Actress Ruth Ford 1915-2009 RIP

American Model and Actress

Ruth Ford

July 7, 1915 - August 12, 2009


Model & Actress Ruth Ford 1915-2009 RIP
"Oh, Errol Flynn, I've never had the yen. Victor Mature? Don't know him well but believe Dorothy Parker, a good friend of mine, summed it up well when she said, "He acts as though his body has gone to his head!" My favorite actor of course is Orson Welles. He's wonderful, magnificent, a darling, and I adore him. I like Humphrey Bogart, too. He's just as nice as he can be and looks just the same all the time. Ingrid Bergman? She's just as beautiful and natural off the screen as she is on and is admired by everyone. But one of the nicest people in Hollywood is William Faulkner, who I had known in Mississippi when I was getting my Masters Degree in Philosophy at the University there."

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Poe Forward's New Dead Girls 2009

The Original Dead Girl: Mary Rogers/Marie Roget

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