Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rebel Grave at Ojai, California's Nordhoff Cemetery

James Jones Civil War Confederate - Ojai's Nordhoff Cemetery

"The Nordhoff Cemetery, owned and operated by the City of Ojai, is located at the corner of Del Norte and Cuyama Roads. It was founded in 1870 and taken over by the City in 1963. It is part of Ojai's history, dating back to the Civil War veterans who were buried at the turn of the century.

All full burial sites are sold. However, there are still cremation sites available. The cost for the space is $750. There is a $270 service fee for maintenance support involving opening/closing of urn site and marker setting at the time the cremation service is scheduled. There is also a $130 fee for a required urn vault." -- City of Ojai

Ojai's Nordhoff Cemetery

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Ojai's Nordhoff Cemetery

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