Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update on Chandra Levy Case

Chandra Levy

Warrant Issued in Chandra Levy Killing

WASHINGTON (March 3) - Witness after witness told authorities the same thing: In the nearly eight years since federal intern Chandra Levy was attacked and killed in a Washington park, a Salvadoran immigrant boasted in letters and jailhouse conversations that he stalked, maimed and killed women he picked out randomly. While behind bars for two other attacks in the same park where Levy was killed, police say, Ingmar Guandique slowly revealed that one of those women was Levy, explaining over time how with the help of two teenagers, he grabbed her by the neck and choked her so other joggers wouldn’t hear her screams.

Authorities issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for Guandique, 27, and said he would be charged with first-degree murder in Levy’s death. He is expected to be brought back to Washington from the federal prison in Adelanto, Calif., where he is serving time for attacking the other two women, sometime in the next two months.

One witness interviewed last month told police that Guandique said over time that he and two male teenagers were sitting on a bench in a park smoking marijuana and cocaine when he saw Levy jogging. The witness said Guandique thought Levy “looked good” and told the two teenagers that he was going to “get her.” Guandique said the three followed her along a path and at one point grabbed her and took her into the bushes, the witness said. When she started screaming, he grabbed her by the neck and choked her to death, so that people nearby would not hear the struggle.

Where she was attacked, police said, clothing was strewn from the path, down a steep hill toward the bottom of a ravine. Her shoes were unlaced. Her clothing was turned inside out. Her tights were knotted into restraints.

During the attack, Levy scratched him, the affidavit says. To hide that evidence, the witness said Guandique instructed his family to tell police the scratches came from a fight with his girlfriend if he was ever questioned. FULL ARTICLE

PoeForward Missing Persons: Chandra Levy

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