Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John Keats "Ode on Melancholy"

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The Day that James Dean Died

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Peter and Paul Have Lost Mary

Mary Allin Travers

November 9, 1936 – September 16, 2009


Mary Allin Travers was an American singer-songwriter and member of the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary, along with Peter Yarrow and Noel "Paul" Stookey. Peter, Paul and Mary was one of the most successful folk-singing groups of the 1960s. The group Peter, Paul and Mary was formed in 1961, and they were an immediate success. They shared a manager, Albert Grossman, with Bob Dylan. Their success with Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" helped propel Dylan's Freewheelin' album into the Top 30 four months after its release. In 2005, Travers was diagnosed with leukemia. Although a bone-marrow transplant apparently slowed the progression of the disease, Travers died on September 16, 2009, at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Connecticut, from complications arising from chemotherapy. She was 72 years old.

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Poe Forward's New Dead Girls 2009

The Original Dead Girl: Mary Rogers/Marie Roget

An Evening of Antebellum Music

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Real Norma Rae is Dead

Crystal Lee Sutton

December 31, 1940 - September 11, 2009


Crystal Lee Sutton (née Pulley) was an American union organizer and advocate who gained fame during the early 1970s. She was fired from her job at the J.P. Stevens plant in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina for trying to unionize its employees. She was earning $2.65 an hour folding towels. The poor working conditions she and her fellow employees suffered compelled her to join forces with Eli Zivkovich, a union organizer, and attempt to unionize the J.P. Stevens employees. “Management and others treated me as if I had leprosy”, she stated.

She received threats and was finally fired from her job. But before she left, she took one final stand, filmed verbatim in the 1979 film Norma Rae. “I took a piece of cardboard and wrote the word UNION on it in big letters, got up on my work table, and slowly turned it around. The workers started cutting their machines off and giving me the victory sign. All of a sudden the plant was very quiet…” Sutton was physically removed from the plant by police, but the result of her actions was staggering. The Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union won the right to represent the workers at the plant on August 28, 1974. Jordan later became a paid organizer for the ACTWU.

Crystal Lee Sutton died, aged 68, at Hospice House, a hospice in Burlington, North Carolina, on Friday, September 11, 2009, from meningioma, a form of brain cancer that she had been diagnosed as having for several years. She had been struggling with her health insurance company, which had delayed her treatment.

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The Original Dead Girl Mary Rogers/Marie Roget

Poe Forward's Dead Girls

Antebellum Reform 1815-1861

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brooke Wilberger's Remains Found

"He abducted her, he raped her, he murdered her

and left her body in the woods."

-- District Attorney John Haroldson

Corvallis, Oregon. -

As a result of a deal to take the death penalty off the table, Joel Courtney, the kidnapper, rapist and murderer of Brooke Wilberger, plead guilty to aggravated murder and will spend life in prison without any possibility of release. In return, Courtney revealed the location of Brooke's corpse. Police recoverd Brooke's body from a hidden gravesite in the woods of Benton County, Oregon.

While still mourning for their daughter, this closure has given the family relief. They have been spared the long court battles, the appeals, the sentencing, and the endless death penalty process. Now, with Courtney getting "true life" behind bars, they've been spared parole hearings.

"Thank you for being so supportive over the last five and a half years. It's been a long haul for all of us, but today we are grateful. At this time, we really feel gratitude, even to Mr. Courtney, who could see fit to tell us where he left Brooke. What happens to him, we are thankful that justice was served."
-- Cami Wilberger

Justice may have been served, but that doesn't bring a dead girl back to life. Neither would execution.

Details revealed of final hours of Brooke Wilberger's life

Poe Forward's Brooke Wilberger Page

Poe Forward's Missing Persons

Poe Blog Missing Persons

The Original Dead Girl Mary Rogers/Marie Roget

Poe Forward's Dead Girls

"I wake and feel the fell of dark, not day"

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Monday, September 21, 2009

JEFFREY COMBS as Edgar A. Poe - Extended Through October

JEFFREY COMBS as Edgar A. Poe - Extended Through October

The production pleasantly astounded me. "Nevermore . . . An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe," playing at the Steve Allan Theater in East Hollywood, presents the most authentic portrayal of Poe I've ever seen. Blessed be for the re-teaming of actor Jeffrey Combs, director Stuart Gordon and writer Dennis Paoli. The team that brought us the Lovecraft and Poe movies reunites to show us Poe the intellectual, the wit, the satirist, the literateur, the magazinist, the lost son, the devoted husband, the devoted nephew, the neglected genius, and most of all, the drunkard. This is Poe as he suffered. If you want to see the true soul of Poe, go see Jeffrey Comb's portrayal of Poe. See how Poe's sensitive soul struggled to endure the tortures of living.

"Celebrate the bicentennial of Edgar Allan Poe's birth with the star of Re-Animator, From Beyond, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine & Enterprise. Set in 1848, Nevermore is loosely based on real events and follows Poe on a cross-country speaking tour fraught with strange occurrences that signal Poe's descent into madness."

Steve Allen Theater
4773 Hollywood Blvd.
LA, CA 90027

Steve Allen Production of NEVERMORE

You Are A Pirate!

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eden Cemetery Accused of Desecration

Groucho Marx's Grave

Eden Memorial Park is a beautiful hillside cemetery with a fantastic view of the San Fernando Valley. My wife's grandparents rest there under shady trees absorbing whatever breezes the valley affords. My two favorite comedians are buried at Eden. GROUCHO MARX's ashes sit in a small crypt inside a mausoleum. LENNY BRUCE's body decays under the ground in a hillside plot. I hope this turns out to be a false accusation. Eden looks like a first class place to spend eternity...if you like the valley.

Lenny Bruce's Grave


Eden Memorial Park isn’t L.A.‘s biggest Jewish cemetery, but it’s up there. And this week it was dragged into Los Angeles County Superior Court, accused of desecrating the final resting places of 500 Jews:

Attorney Michael Avenatti, who filed the suit, told CNN that his investigation revealed that as many as 500 graves may have been torn up without the families’ permission.

“We allege that Eden Memorial Park and its management for the better part of 15 years were engaging in improper burial practices, including the desecration of graves and the improper disposal of human remains,” he said.

The lawsuit is filed by F. Charles Sands, whose parents are buried at Eden Memorial Park, against the cemetery and its owner, Service Corporation International, based in Houston, Texas. The company is the largest owner of cemeteries and funeral homes in the United States.

This is not the first time Service Corporation International has faced allegations of digging up graves and moving bodies to make room for new remains. It reached a $100 million settlement with families of people whose remains were desecrated at Menorah Gardens in Florida. The company also reached a $14 million settlement with the Florida state attorney’s office over issues related to those claims.

The CNN report goes on to mention that Groucho Marx and Lenny Bruce are buried at Eden, but somehow offers no perspective on Jewish burial customs. It closes with a quote from the lawsuit that states “the deceased are typically required to be interred within 24 hours, thereby leaving little time to obtain consent to move an encroaching vault in an adjacent plot and giving defendants a motive to desecrate human remains and commit other immoral acts rather than comply with the law.”

Suffice to say, disturbing the dead is not kosher. Baruch dayan emet.

Posted by Brad A. Greenberg at Jewish




Eden Memorial Park is a welcoming sanctuary situated in lovely Mission Hills, California, where it has proudly served the Jewish community throughout the area since 1954. This lushly landscaped cemetery, owned by the Dignity Memorial Network, offers a dedicated, professional staff to help during the planning of a funeral in the Jewish tradition.

With acres and acres of lovely terraced grounds and gardens, the cemetery is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley of California, in close proximity to both I-5 and I-405 near Los Angeles.

The beautiful city of Mission Hills surrounds the cemetery, rich in the history of California, and is home to the picturesque Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana.

Mission Hills is also the location of the Andres Pico Adobe, which is known to be the second oldest residence in California. The history of Eden Memorial includes being the final resting place of the world renowned entertainers Groucho Marx and Lenny Bruce.

Just a short distance from Los Angeles and the majestic Pacific Ocean, Eden Memorial Park is a secluded, meticulously landscaped cemetery with a caring staff available to assist families and friends in the time-honored traditions and rituals of Jewish funeral practices.

Known for its excellent reputation and relationships with numerous Jewish organizations and synagogues in the Los Angeles area, Eden Memorial Park insures the long-term care and keeping of the cemetery in perpetuity and promises the highest standards of service for all who enter its gates.

Eden Memorial Park's You Tube Video is brought to you by

Celebrity Grave: Groucho Marx at Eden Memorial Park

Groucho Marx's GraveGroucho Marx's GraveGroucho Marx's GraveGroucho Marx's GraveGroucho Marx's Grave

Celebrity Grave: Lenny Bruce at Eden Memorial Park

Lenny Bruce at Eden Memorial Park Lenny Bruce at Eden Memorial Park

Al Bowlly Sings "Melancholy Baby"

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What the Victorians Did For Us - Crime And Punishment

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Did the Murderer Read Poe?

The media can keep looking for the next runaway bride. Yale graduate student Annie Marie Le, 24, would have been married to fiancé Jonathan Widawsky this past Sunday, September 13th, on Long Island. But she went missing on Tuesday, September 8th. She left her purse, money, credit cards, and her cell phone in her lab. A surveillance video recorded her entering the four-story lab building at 10 Amistad Street in New Haven. This was the last time she was seen alive.

In addition to beginning the missing persons investigation, the Yale Police handed out flyers with Le’s picture, hoping for more information. The FBI took over and took a K-9 team into the building. On Sunday, the day of her wedding, human remains were found stuffed inside a wall in the basement. Lab animals are housed in this section of the building, a Yale University laboratory with several levels of security card access. Elsewhere in the same building, investigators found bloody clothes hidden above tiles in a drop ceiling.

Monday’s autopsy positively identified the human remains as Annie Le’s. The cause of death is still pending further autopsy. Her death has been ruled a homicide. Police have questioned people, but no one is a suspect and no arrests have been made.

On Monday evening, hundreds attended a candlelight vigil in Annie Le’s honor. The crowd sang “Amazing Grace.”


This crime begs the question: “Did the murderer read Poe?” Was it Montresor’s entombment of Fortunato in the wine cellar wall that inspired this killer to copycat this method of corpse disposal? Or was it the deranged mad man who killed his elderly roommate and hid the body under the floorboards that inspired this criminal to hide his dastardly deed in the basement walls of the laboratory building? Or both?

Of course, I’m referencing the two Poe tales: THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO and THE TELL TALE HEART. When they catch Annie Le’s killer, I hope they ask him if Poe provided any inspiration?

The Tell Tale Heart - Narrated by James Mason

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The Tell Tale Heart

This impressive animated film uses the story boards from an old CREEPY magazine.

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Cask of Amontillado

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The Cask of Amontillado

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Walled Up Alive!! (Cask of Amontillado)

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Murderer Entombed Annie Le in the Wall

Interview with Guillermo Del Toro

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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jean Seberg 1938-1979 RIP

"Forgive me. I can no longer live with my nerves."

Jean Seberg

November 13, 1938 – August 30, 1979


In August 1979, she was missing and found dead eleven days later in the back seat of her car, which was parked close to her Paris apartment in the 16th arrondissement. The police report stated that she had taken a massive overdose of barbiturates and alcohol (8g per litre). A suicide note ("Forgive me. I can no longer live with my nerves.") was found in her hand, and "probable suicide" was ultimately ruled the official cause of death by the French coroner. However, it is often questioned how she could have operated a car with that amount of alcohol in her body, and without the corrective lenses she always maintained she absolutely needed for driving. A year later, her former husband Gary committed suicide. Seberg was interred in the Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris, France.--wiki

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